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Which Car Companies Support Israel?

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In a world where consumer choices have far-reaching implications, certain global corporations have found themselves entangled in contentious situations with ethical and geopolitical ramifications.

From the involvement of companies like Hyundai and Mercedes Benz in sensitive geopolitical landscapes to the decisions made by platforms like, each instance raises questions about the responsibility and impact of consumer decisions. Let’s delve into these scenarios to understand the significance of these choices and the potential implications they hold.

1. Hyundai


Hyundai, a prominent Korean car manufacturer known for both vehicles and heavy machinery, has faced criticism for its involvement in the demolition of Palestinian neighborhoods in Jerusalem, which has economically benefited from the Israeli occupation. To take a stand against these actions, it’s recommended not to support Hyundai by refraining from purchasing their cars or machinery. Additionally, avoiding employment with Hyundai is encouraged.

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2. Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz
Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz, a renowned German car manufacturer, drew attention when it established a tech hub in Tel Aviv. This decision raised concerns due to the controversial nature of the city’s geopolitical situation. To demonstrate dissent, individuals are encouraged to abstain from purchasing cars from Mercedes Benz and to avoid employment opportunities with the company.

3., a platform under the ownership of Booking Holdings, faced scrutiny due to allowing listings in occupied Palestinian territory. Despite initial considerations to label such properties, the company reversed its decision under pressure from Israel. To show disapproval, consumers are advised to avoid renting from, instead opting to book directly with businesses. Additionally, refraining from listing products on and avoiding professional associations with Booking Holdings are suggested.

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The decisions we make as consumers transcend mere transactions; they are statements of our values and principles. The instances involving companies like Hyundai, Mercedes Benz, and platforms like exemplify the complexities and ethical considerations intertwined with our consumer behavior.

Refraining from supporting these entities through purchases, employment, or affiliations can serve as a form of conscientious objection, conveying a powerful message and advocating for responsible and ethical corporate conduct. In a landscape where our choices hold considerable weight, being cognizant of the broader impact and aligning our actions with our beliefs becomes an imperative avenue for advocating change.

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