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Does Scooters Support Israel? Get the Definitive Answer

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A wave of questions has surfaced across the digital realm regarding whether Scooters supports Israel. However, the reality behind this issue is not directly tied to Scooters Coffee’s stance on Israel. Instead, it stems from a call made by many individuals to transition from Starbucks coffee to locally infused options, particularly Scooters.

Sbucks coffee as main boycott target

As widely known, the former CEO of Starbucks is Howard Schultz, a prominent figure who holds the title of the largest private owner of Starbucks shares. Schultz is recognized as a staunch Zionist, heavily investing in Israel’s economy. His recent notable investment includes a substantial $1.7 billion injection into the Israeli cybersecurity startup, Wiz.

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In a recent funding round, Schultz joined other investors, propelling Wiz’s valuation to an impressive $1.7 billion just a year after its inception. Despite the significance of this investment, both Schultz and Wiz representatives have chosen to remain silent on the matter.



Due to Schultz’s affiliation and investment in Israel, a movement gained momentum across various platforms, particularly on TikTok. Many users passionately called for a shift away from Starbucks coffee. In one video, a user expressed, “Am I going to miss Starbucks shaken espresso? Certainly not as much as Palestinian mothers miss the peace they desire for their children.”

Scooter Coffee Support Israel On Tiktok
Scooter Coffee Support Israel On Tiktok

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The hashtag #DoesScootersSupportIsrael began to circulate, urging people to abandon Starbucks and explore alternative brands such as Scooters or local coffee shops, particularly in the United States. This shift represents not only a change in coffee preferences but also a larger conversation about conscious consumer choices and the influence of corporate investments on public perception.

Scooters Coffee
Scooters coffee is thick with local nuance

To explore a comprehensive list of companies affiliated with Israel, please utilize the Israeli Brand Checker tool. This tool provides an in-depth analysis of brands and their associations with Israel, offering users a valuable resource for making informed decisions and aligning their choices with their ethical values.

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