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Jeep Gladiator Bed Size: How Does It Compare to Other Midsize Trucks?

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The Jeep Gladiator is a unique and versatile midsize truck that has made a significant impact on the market. One of its standout features is its truck bed, which combines the ruggedness of a Jeep with the utility of a pickup.

In this article, we’ll explore the Jeep Gladiator’s bed size, discuss its measurement, compare it to other midsize trucks, and provide valuable information about accessories, utilization tips, and frequently asked questions to help you make the most of this distinctive vehicle.

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The Jeep Gladiator’s bed size is one of the key factors that sets it apart from other midsize trucks. Unlike traditional midsize pickups that have fixed beds, the Gladiator’s bed is part of the vehicle’s frame, giving it a truly unique and versatile design. This provides a perfect balance of Jeep’s off-road capabilities and the practicality of a pickup truck.


To understand the Jeep Gladiator’s bed size, let’s first learn how to measure it accurately:

  • Length: Measure from the front of the bed, where it meets the rear of the cab, to the end of the tailgate. The Gladiator’s bed length is approximately 5 feet or 60 inches.
  • Width: Measure between the inner sidewalls of the bed. The Gladiator’s bed width is around 56 inches, providing ample space for various cargo items.
  • Height: Measure from the bed floor to the top of the bed’s sidewalls. The Gladiator’s bed height is typically about 34 inches.

Average Sizes

The Jeep Gladiator’s bed size compares favorably to other midsize trucks. Its 5-foot length, 56-inch width, and 34-inch height make it an excellent choice for both everyday hauling needs and off-road adventures. These dimensions allow for flexibility in what you can carry, whether it’s camping gear, building materials, or other equipment.

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Jeep Gladiator Bed Size Accessories

Enhance your Gladiator’s bed with a range of accessories, such as bed liners, tonneau covers, and cargo management systems. Bed liners protect the bed from damage, tonneau covers add security and weather protection, and cargo management systems help keep your items organized and secure.

Jeep Gladiator Bed Size Utilization Tips

To make the most of your Jeep Gladiator’s bed size, consider the following tips:

  • Use Bed Extenders: For longer items like lumber or kayaks, bed extenders can temporarily increase your cargo space.
  • Maximize Tie-Downs: The Gladiator offers multiple tie-down points to secure your cargo. Utilize them effectively to keep your items in place.
  • Tailgate Functions: The Gladiator’s tailgate can be positioned halfway down or fully open, providing versatility for transporting various loads.
  • Bed Covers: Invest in a bed cover to protect your cargo from the elements and secure it from theft.

Jeep Gladiator Bed Size FAQs

1. Can the Jeep Gladiator tow while carrying cargo in the bed?

Yes, the Gladiator is designed to tow while carrying cargo in the bed. However, ensure you don’t exceed the vehicle’s payload and towing capacity.

2. What is the maximum payload capacity for the Jeep Gladiator?

The maximum payload capacity varies based on the trim level and options, but it can range from around 1,200 to 1,600 pounds.

3. Can the Gladiator accommodate a motorcycle or ATV in the bed?

Yes, the Gladiator’s bed size is generally suitable for transporting motorcycles or ATVs, especially with the use of ramps and tie-downs.

4. Is there a larger bed option available for the Jeep Gladiator?

As of my last update in September 2021, the Gladiator was available with one bed size. Check with your local Jeep dealership for any updates or future model changes.

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The Jeep Gladiator’s bed size distinguishes it in the world of midsize trucks. With a 5-foot length, 56-inch width, and 34-inch height, it provides a versatile and practical cargo space suitable for various tasks.

Whether you’re an off-road enthusiast or need a reliable workhorse, the Gladiator’s bed offers the perfect blend of ruggedness and utility. By exploring the available accessories, utilizing smart tips, and considering the FAQs, you can make the most of this exceptional vehicle’s bed size.

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