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Curious about Toyota Highlander Trunk Dimensions? Here’s the List!

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The Toyota Highlander is a highly spacious and practical vehicle commonly used as a family car or for transporting goods. Its trunk dimensions, with all the seats up, provide ample space for luggage and other items.

  • The 2021 Toyota Highlander has a 16.0 cubic feet cargo space behind the third row.
  • With the third row folded down, the cargo space increases to 48.4 cubic feet.
  • If you fold down both the second and third-row seats, you can get a maximum cargo capacity of 84.3 cubic feet.
  • The length of the cargo area from the rear seatbacks to the liftgate measures approximately 44 inches with all seats up, increasing to 79 inches when the rear seats are all folded down.

In addition to its impressive cargo space, the Toyota Highlander also comes with various storage compartments and features, such as underfloor storage compartments and a power liftgate, which provides easier access to the trunk area.

Overall, the Toyota Highlander is a practical and spacious vehicle with ample trunk dimensions, providing families or anyone in need of extra cargo space plenty of room to store their items.

Toyota Highlander Trunk Dimensions 1

Toyota Highlander Trunk Dimensions & Sizes

Common Sizes13.8 cubic feet with all seats in use
Dimensions (L x W x H)44.4 x 41.0 x 31.5 inches

Additional Information

  • The Toyota Highlander trunk has a low lift-over height, making it easy to load and unload heavy or bulky items.
  • The Toyota Highlander trunk is equipped with a number of tie-down points and hooks to help you secure your cargo.
  • The Toyota Highlander trunk is available with a number of optional features, such as a cargo liner, a cargo net, and a cargo organizer.
  • The Toyota Highlander trunk can be accessed through the rear door or through the power liftgate.
Toyota Highlander Trunk Dimensions 2

Tips for Maximizing Cargo Space in the Toyota Highlander

  • Use the 60/40 split-folding second and third-row seats to expand the cargo area.
  • Use the tie-down points and hooks to secure your cargo, especially if you are carrying heavy or bulky items.
  • Take advantage of the low lift-over height to make it easier to load and unload heavy items.
  • Use a cargo liner to protect the trunk from dirt and spills.
  • Use a cargo net to help organize and secure your cargo.
  • Use a cargo organizer to create additional storage compartments in the trunk.

Guide to Toyota Highlander Trunk: References and Resources

Here are some references to dig deeper about Toyota Highlander Trunk dimensions:

  • Toyota Highlander 2021 Owner’s Manual: This manual provides detailed information about the dimensions and features of the Toyota Highlander, including the trunk space. It can be accessed online or purchased from a Toyota dealer.
  • Car and Driver’s review of Toyota Highlander 2020: This review provides a detailed analysis of the Toyota Highlander, including its interior dimensions and cargo space. It can be found on the Car and Driver website.
  • Edmunds Toyota Highlander Review: This review provides a comprehensive overview of the Toyota Highlander, including its cargo capacity and measurements. It can be found on the Edmunds website.
  • Consumer Reports Toyota Highlander Tests: Consumer Reports conducts rigorous tests on vehicles, including cargo volume measurements. The Toyota Highlander is one of the vehicles tested, and the results can be found on the Consumer Reports website.
Toyota Highlander Trunk Dimensions 3

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