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Curious about 4runner Trunk Dimensions? Here’s the List!

The Toyota 4Runner is a versatile SUV that is ideal for adventure and off-road enthusiasts. It comes equipped with a spacious trunk, allowing you to carry all your camping gear, outdoor equipment, and luggage. The trunk dimensions of the Toyota 4Runner may vary depending on the model year, but on average, it provides an ample amount of cargo space. Here are the trunk dimensions of the Toyota 4Runner:

  • Cargo Volume behind the Rear Seats: 47.2 cubic feet
  • Cargo Volume with Rear Seats Folded: 89.7 cubic feet
  • Cargo Area Length: 46.3 inches
  • Cargo Area Width (Between Wheel Wells): 43.3 inches
  • Cargo Area Height: 39.3 inches

As you can see, the Toyota 4Runner has a generous amount of cargo space, making it an ideal SUV for anyone who wants to carry a lot of gear. You can easily fold down the rear seats to expand the cargo area, providing even more room for your belongings. The trunk dimensions of the Toyota 4Runner are one of its many selling points and make it a popular choice for people who enjoy outdoor activities.

Dimensions of 4runner Trunk

4runner Trunk Dimensions & Sizes

Type SUV
Common Sizes 47.2 inches wide x 40.6 inches deep x 39.7 inches high
Dimensions 19.3 cubic feet (with rear seats up); 89.7 cubic feet (with rear seats down)
4runner Trunk
4runner Trunk

The Toyota 4Runner has long been a favorite among SUV enthusiasts, offering a combination of rugged capability and spacious interior. One of the essential aspects that draws attention is its trunk space, providing ample room for adventure gear, groceries, or anything you might need on your journeys.

If you’re curious about the 4Runner’s trunk dimensions, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s explore the key measurements that define the 4Runner’s trunk space:

1. 4Runner Trunk Length

The 4Runner’s trunk length varies depending on the specific model year and generation. On average, you can expect a trunk length of around 36 to 40 inches. This measurement determines how much cargo you can fit from the back of the trunk to the rear seats when they are in an upright position. If you need more space, the rear seats can often be folded down, extending the available length for transporting longer items.

2. 4Runner Trunk Width

The width of the 4Runner’s trunk typically falls within the range of 42 to 47 inches. This measurement is crucial for evaluating how wide and how many items you can comfortably fit side by side within the trunk. Whether it’s sports equipment, camping gear, or groceries, knowing the width of the trunk can help you plan and organize your cargo effectively.

3. 4Runner Trunk Height

The trunk height of the Toyota 4Runner generally ranges from 30 to 36 inches. This measurement determines how much vertical space you have for stacking items or accommodating taller pieces of luggage. A higher trunk height can contribute to better overall trunk capacity, making it easier to transport a variety of items.

4. Adaptability and Off-Road Capability

Beyond the specific measurements, the 4Runner is known for its adaptability and off-road capability. Many models come with features like a sliding cargo deck or a power rear window, which enhance the convenience of loading and unloading items. The rugged design of the 4Runner makes it an ideal companion for outdoor adventures, capable of accommodating gear for camping, hiking, or off-road exploration.


The 4Runner’s trunk dimensions provide valuable insights into how effectively you can utilize its cargo space for various needs. Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway, embarking on an off-road adventure, or simply need to transport everyday items, understanding these measurements ensures that you can optimize the available space to match your requirements. Moreover, the 4Runner’s reputation for capability and versatility makes it a reliable choice for individuals seeking both practicality and adventure in their SUV experience.

Guide to 4runner Trunk: References and Resources

Here are some references that can help you dig deeper about 4runner trunk dimensions:

  • The official Toyota website has detailed information about the dimensions of the 4runner’s trunk. You can visit their website and look for the specific 4runner model and year you’re interested in.
  • Car and Driver is an online resource for all things automotive, including specs and dimensions for various vehicles. They may have detailed information about the dimensions of the 4runner’s trunk.
  • Forums dedicated to the Toyota 4runner can be a great place to find out more about the vehicle’s trunk dimensions. You can try searching for forums like or
  • You can also check out websites that specialize in providing specifications and reviews of cars, such as or Kelley Blue Book. They may have detailed information about the 4runner’s trunk dimensions for different years and models.

If you’d like to delve deeper into the topic of Dimensions, we encourage you to utilize our search feature in Automobile Directory or visit the official websites and references for accessing relevant materials.

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