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An Introductory Guide to Automated Car Washes for First-Timers

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New to the world of automatic car washes? No need to fret; we’ve got all the guidance you need to navigate these automated systems. From understanding the entire process to addressing common queries about automatic car washes, this post has you covered. Dive in for a comprehensive overview.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Using an Automatic Car Wash

1. Locate an automated car wash near you

First things first, locate an automated car wash near your location. These days, you’ll find them at many gas stations. Check out your local fuel vendor, and you might discover that they offer discounted car washes when you fill up on gasoline at their establishment.

2. Drive on up to the payment station

Next, pull up to the payment station. Much like ordering at a drive-thru restaurant, many automatic car washes provide a station where you can select the type of wash you want and make your payment. These car washes typically offer a range of packages, from basic washes to additional services like spray-on waxes.

3. Park in the designated car wash zone

Now, park your car in the designated car wash zone. Look for markers or signs indicating where to position your vehicle before the wash begins. While specific procedures may vary, most automatic car washes require you to move your vehicle forward until it aligns with their guided track system. Some car washes may feature additional lights and arrows to confirm that you’ve parked correctly.

Don’t forget to put your automatic transmission car in “Park” or your manual transmission car in “Neutral.” Ensure your foot is off the brake, the parking brake is disengaged, and all windows are rolled up. If you have child locks, engage them, especially if you’re traveling with kids.

4. Sit back and relax

Now, relax. Your car will be gently guided along the monorail system. Expect some gentle movement of the car’s frame as the brushes work to clean the exterior. Once the wash and dry processes are completed, a lit sign or signal will indicate when it’s safe to exit the garage area. Carefully exit the car wash tunnel, keeping an eye out for other vehicles leaving the other car wash bays.

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FAQs about Automatic Car Washes

How often should I wash my car?

We recommend not waiting for your vehicle to become extremely dirty before considering a car wash. Regular car washing is a good practice rather than a chore. Harsh environments with salt or mud can affect your car’s exterior and undercarriage. Regular cleaning or waxing helps maintain your car’s appearance.

Are automatic car washes safe for my vehicle?

The main purpose of car washing is to remove dirt, debris, and chemicals that can harm your car’s finish. Neglecting this can lead to corrosion and paint damage. Mud and road tar can trap moisture and cause corrosion, while bird droppings, insect splatter, and acidic rain can harm your paint. Automated car washes are a safe and convenient choice for regular cleaning.

Should I opt for a touchless wash or a soft-cloth wash?

Concerns have been raised about automated car washes potentially affecting a car’s paint. However, modern car wash systems, including those using soft cloths, are designed to be gentle on painted surfaces. In fact, as long as the brushes in automated car washes are well-maintained and free of grime, they can deliver the same quality results as soft-cloth systems.

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