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Winning Your Car Accident Case in St. George UT: Top Lawyer Revealed

If you’re in need of legal assistance for a car accident case in St. George UT, look no further than the top-rated Car Accident Attorneys in the area! With 7 businesses to choose from, you can rest assured that you’ll find the right attorney for your needs.

These experienced professionals have the knowledge and skills necessary to guide you through the complex legal process and help you get the compensation you deserve. Don’t hesitate – start planning your visit to one of these Top Car Accident Attorneys in St. George UT, USA today!

Find the Top Car Accident Lawyer near St. George UT

Siegfried & Jensen

  • Address: 2051 E Red Hills Pkwy, St. George, UT 84770, United States
  • Map: Click here
  • Rating: 4.9 (390)
  • Phone: +1 435-222-2837
  • Website: Link
  • Opening hours:
    Monday: Open 24 hours
    Tuesday: Open 24 hours
    Wednesday: Open 24 hours
    Thursday: Open 24 hours
    Friday: Open 24 hours
    Saturday: Open 24 hours
    Sunday: Open 24 hours
Injury Smart Law (1) St. George UT
Injury Smart Law (1) St. George UT

5 Replies to Winning Your Car Accident Case in St. George UT: Top Lawyer Revealed

  1. Great work!!! They got me the help I needed for a spinal injury. Very professional. They knew much more about what treatments I needed than I did. They lined up the best in the world for me. I feel like a million bucks.
    Thank you Sigfried and Jensen!!!

  2. Lesli has been an amazing help! She is so sweet and understanding. She is easy to talk to and get ahold of! And she is willing to listen and do everything she can to help in a time of stress and frustration! Lesli and Spencer have been so wonderful to work with, I would recommend them to anyone in need!

  3. Randall Payne and his team worked hard and efficient to get my case done and were there when I needed them or had questions. They never made me feel like a bother. They maintained professionalism. Thank you for all you did to help me with my case Randall, Julia and Rob. Highly recommend them.

  4. I was in an accident that wasn’t my fault.
    A friend told us to get in touch with Sigfried And Jensen.
    Once we met with someone they told us we had a case. They worked with me to get any and all questions answered, were super friendly and informative.
    They were able to recommend a chiropractor to go to as well.
    I will forever be thankful for them and what they did for me. I didn’t have to pay for anything once the case was done.
    Hopefully I won’t have to use them again with any kind of accident, but I know I will if something happens in the future.
    And I will recommend them to everyone!

  5. I am extremely pleased with Siegfried & Jensen and grateful for their hard work and dedication. I am glad you were my legal team!! Everyone was very kind, professional and helpful and always answered any questions I had and keeping me posted throughout the process. I will definitely recommend you to anyone I know!
    Thank you!

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Top 7 Car Accident Attorneys in St. George UT

Injury Smart Law (2) St. George UT
Injury Smart Law (2) St. George UT

McMullin Injury Law

  • Address: 301 N 200 E #3c, St. George, UT 84770, United States
  • Map: Click here
  • Rating: 5 (355)
  • Phone: +1 435-673-9990
  • Website: Link
  • Opening hours:
    Monday: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
    Tuesday: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
    Wednesday: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
    Thursday: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
    Friday: 8:00 AM – 2:30 PM
    Saturday: Closed
    Sunday: Closed
  • Reviews:
    I would highly recommend McMullin Injury Law to handle an injury you have experienced. The entire staff were always kind and helpful. The receptionist always greeted us by name, the paralegals worked tirelessly gathering necessary records and the attorneys always made us feel comfortable. Nate Langston handled the majority of our case. We were always able reach him, he answered our questions and guided us through the entire process. He is an excellent mediator and spent countless hours explaining every phase of our case and encouraging us through a difficult time in our lives.
    ✭✭✭✭✭ By Tomi Marinier (5 months ago)
    McMullin Injury Law have been very professional in handling my case. Their whole team from Andrew, the paralegals to the front desk have been helpful in answering my questions. I’ve appreciated them keeping me informed as my case is ongoing. They are very knowledgeable on what to do and not do. There is no way I would handle an auto accident claim on my own. Trust me you need expert advice. This is the place.
    ✭✭✭✭✭ By Tom A (5 months ago)
    McMullin Injury Law is the best of the best. They walked me through each and every step of the process. They were attentive to my needs. Alma and Kylie were very helpful. Anthony is also a GREAT attorney and will do whatever he can to help. I recommend this law firm 10/10 for any of your personal injury law needs!
    ✭✭✭✭✭ By Jessica Cazanga (7 months ago)
    I have a lot of experience in the professional world and have dealt with several attorneys. The least thing I can do for this firm is to leave a well deserved review. Nate and his team know what they are doing, they aren’t high-maintenence, and are complete professionals. Working with this team was the only worry-free part of my accident and they also coordinate with medical entities which makes it really easy to process everything. If anyone is looking for the “right” attorneys for the job then use McMullin Injury and Law!
    ✭✭✭✭✭ By Alma C. Timpson (6 months ago)
    What a huge relief it’s been having McMullin injury and law Deal with every detail from a to Z after being in an accident you”re little stressed and they have made this An easy process and every step of the way they’re very pleasant to work with and I love how they check in on you on a regular basis, they Truly care about your well-being and I appreciate that about this firm. They’re all very educated young, savvy, high energy, very intelligent and they get the job done. I would high recommend McMullin law for the fact it’s been very stress free for myself, Rebeckah
    ✭✭✭✭✭ By Rebeckah Wilhelmina (3 weeks ago)

Law Offices of David Laurence Altman

  • Address: 640 E 700 S, St. George, UT 84770, United States
  • Map: Click here
  • Rating: 5 (250)
  • Phone: +1 435-688-9999
  • Website: Link
  • Opening hours:
    Monday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
    Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
    Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
    Thursday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
    Friday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
    Saturday: Closed
    Sunday: Closed
  • Reviews:
    I feel blessed and lucky to have found David Altman and been able to have him as my attorney… He was as helpful, kind, and understanding as he was successful in fighting my case in my favor. I’ll forever feel lucky and grateful. He is wonderful and I would highly recommend! I was very pleased with his work and happily satisfied with the outcome of the whole deal ☺️🤍
    ✭✭✭✭✭ By Ashylia Moore (4 months ago)
    David Altman is a great attorney and frankly a great person in general. He helped relieve a lot of my anxiety around my case by clearly walking me through the whole process and always being available to answer any of my questions or concerns. If you find yourself in need of an attorney know that he will take great care of your case and help you see the light at the end of the tunnel.
    ✭✭✭✭✭ By You (5 months ago)
    David Altman is an outstanding lawyer!! I feel lucky to have had him fight my case. He was always in communication when I needed him, he was very professional and extremely effective in getting my case resolved. I highly recommend David Altman to anyone who may be in need of the representation services that he provides. Thank you!!
    ✭✭✭✭✭ By Johno_jon (4 weeks ago)
    I would definitely recommend working with David Altman if you are in need of a lawyer. He was very responsive and always explained in detail what was happening with my case throughout the process. I felt a lot better about the whole ordeal while working with him. He was able to get me a favorable outcome that worked well for me.
    ✭✭✭✭✭ By Tim (4 months ago)
    My experience with David Altman has been incredibly impressive. I’ve never really been in trouble before, I’m generally a well behaved kid (obviously stuff happens) and so when I got my DUI I was in a full fledged panic and he immediately took the time to explain the entire situation to me. The things that potentially do, or don’t happen. He took the time to get a game plan going, and did a great job communicating the entire time. Even during the evenings or on weekends. The resolution of the situation was better than I could have hoped for, I highly recommend using David as an attorney for any legal situation you may find yourself in!
    ✭✭✭✭✭ By Bri Backus (6 months ago)

Swenson & Shelley Law

  • Address: 43 S 100 E #201, St. George, UT 84770, United States
  • Map: Click here
  • Rating: 5 (246)

Robert J. DeBry & Associates

  • Address: 134 N 200 E #302, St. George, UT 84770, United States
  • Map: Click here
  • Rating: 4.9 (152)

We Win Injury Law

  • Address: 1173 S 250 W #311, St. George, UT 84770, United States
  • Map: Click here
  • Rating: 5 (100)

Truman & Radford Personal Injury Attorney St George Utah

  • Address: 20 N Main St Suite 308, St. George, UT 84770, United States
  • Map: Click here
  • Rating: 5 (82)

1LAW St George, Utah

  • Address: 1031 Bluff St, St. George, UT 84770, United States
  • Map: Click here
  • Rating: 4.3 (64)
Injury Smart Law (3) St. George UT
Injury Smart Law (3) St. George UT

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