Hypersonic Missiles Rattle Military Strategists

May 26, 2023

The hypersonic

dagger that Vladimir Putin could slip into Ukraine – and Natos – chest, like an assassin wielding a blade so fast that the lethal blow is just a blur. Dead before you know it.

But then

this week Ukraine claimed to have destroyed half a dozen KH-47M2 Kinzhal Dagger missiles using anti-missile systems widely assumed to be Patriot batteries loaned to the country by America.


naturally, disputes the claim. But earlier this month, on May 6, Ukraine said it had managed to shoot down a single Kinzhal missile, in a first which has since been verified.

So if a

quiver-full of Kinzhals has now indeed been destroyed, has the mystique of the unstoppable missile that was going to change the face of warfare been shot down with it? Perhaps.

The interception

of the Kinzhal represents the solution to a conundrum that, in essence, military commands have been wrestling with for half a century, ever since nuclear warheads were placed aboard inter-continental and medium range ballistic missiles that arced high into the sky, to the upper reaches of our atmosphere or even beyond it, until falling back down upon their targets.

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