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Hyundai Santa Cruz Bed Dimensions & Measurements to Know

The Hyundai Santa Cruz is a unique pickup truck, combining the utility of a traditional truck with the maneuverability and comfort of an SUV. Its bed dimensions are a crucial feature for anyone looking to use their Santa Cruz for hauling and transporting cargo. Here are the bed dimensions for the 2022 Hyundai Santa Cruz:

  • Length (overall): 195.7 inches
  • Bed length (tailgate up): 48.4 inches
  • Bed length (tailgate down): 52.1 inches
  • Bed width (max): 55.6 inches
  • Bed depth: 18 inches

These dimensions make the Santa Cruz a versatile option for hauling a variety of cargo, from household items to outdoor gear. The tailgate can also be lowered for longer items, making it easier to transport bulky items without having to use a trailer.

Overall, the Hyundai Santa Cruz’s bed dimensions are a key factor to consider when deciding if this pickup is the right choice for your transportation needs. Its unique combination of utility and comfort make it a great option for both work and play.

Dimensions of Hyundai Santa Cruz Bed

Hyundai Santa Cruz Bed Dimensions & Sizes

Type Pickup Truck
Common Sizes 5 ft or 6 ft (bed length)
Dimensions Length: 195.7 in; Width: 75.0 in; Height: 66.7 in

Guide to Hyundai Santa Cruz Bed: References and Resources

Here are some references to dig deeper about Hyundai Santa Cruz Bed dimensions:

  • Hyundai Santa Cruz official website: This website provides detailed information about the Santa Cruz pickup truck, including its bed dimensions and other specifications.
  • Car and Driver: This automotive magazine provides a comprehensive review of the Hyundai Santa Cruz, including a detailed analysis of its bed dimensions and cargo capacity.
  • Motor Trend: This automotive magazine features a detailed review of the Hyundai Santa Cruz, outlining its bed dimensions and other important specifications.
  • Edmunds: This automotive website provides a detailed breakdown of the Hyundai Santa Cruz’s bed dimensions, as well as other important specs and features of the vehicle.

By referring to these sources, you can get a more in-depth understanding of the bed dimensions and other important specifications of the Hyundai Santa Cruz pickup truck.

If you’d like to delve deeper into the topic of Dimensions, we encourage you to utilize our search feature in Automobile Directory or visit the official websites and references for accessing relevant materials.

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