Best car detailing in Concord CA

Detail Perfection: Discover the 7 Most Popular Car Detailing Services in Concord CA

Your car is a reflection of who you are, and keeping it clean and polished is essential. Fortunately, there are many top-rated car detailing services in Concord CA that can help you achieve that.

Don’t settle for a mediocre car detailing service, choose from our list of the best 7 car detailing services in Concord CA and experience the difference. Start planning your visit today and let the professionals take care of your ride!

The Best Car Detailing Near Concord CA

Super Station Car Wash

  • Address: 627 Contra Costa Blvd, Concord, CA 94523, United States
  • Map: Click here
  • Rating: 3.7 (348)
  • Phone: +1 925-689-9274
  • Website: Link
  • Opening hours:
    Monday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
    Tuesday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
    Wednesday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
    Thursday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
    Friday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
    Saturday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
    Sunday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Best car detailing in Concord CA
Best car detailing in Concord CA

5 Replies to Detail Perfection: Discover the 7 Most Popular Car Detailing Services in Concord CA

  1. Went in for a car wash, my car wasn’t dirty as much, literally got it back worse than it was!!!
    Bugs weren’t even wiped off, guy said it’s because the longer on car they cant come out. HELLLO, it’s a new car just for it 2 weeks ago. Inside wasn’t wiped down at all, still dust, seats not wiped down. Guy said lady had vision problems. Didn’t get what i paid for. Truly disappointed. DONT GO THERE.

  2. I wanted to give a full 5 star rating but for $80 to do a half tail job…that’s a half rating! The wait was not long! The employees were nice and helping since it had been my first time! I was pleased with the results but a little annoyed with the inside, if they specialize In detailing then I was expecting my steering wheel, cup holder area and other compartments to be polished…especially for $80.

  3. For people with dark color vehicles inspect your vehicle before leaving. They used a brush on mine and scratched the passenger side. Then when I confronted them they wanted to blame it on something else. They wanted to argue they don’t use a brush but when I told them I saw their worker using one they changed their response to the brush they use won’t scratch. I will definitely will not be bringing my vehicle here anymore.

  4. Good service but a little pricey. “Supreme wash” is 26 bucks and with a discount it’s 21 bucks. Tire coating and mat cleaning are extra add-ons. Lots of drinks and treats and gewgaws inside.

  5. I am a regular customer that typically gets a special hand wash due to my soft top car. Francisco – the supervisor denied me a hand wash. Francisco is very rude, unfriendly, and non customer oriented. I will never give them my business again. There’s a really great car wash in Concord that is very customer friendly and cost effective. I will be using them as my car wash provider moving forward.

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TOP 7 Best Car Detailing Services in Concord CA

Best car detailing in Concord CA
Best car detailing in Concord CA

Autopia Car Wash – Concord

  • Address: 4524 Clayton Rd, Concord, CA 94521, United States
  • Map: Click here
  • Rating: 3.6 (311)
  • Phone: +1 925-687-1155
  • Website: Link
  • Opening hours:
    Monday: 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM
    Tuesday: 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM
    Wednesday: 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM
    Thursday: 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM
    Friday: 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM
    Saturday: 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM
    Sunday: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
  • Reviews:
    Very unsatisfactory service, and wastage of money…. Waited 1 hour for my car to be cleaned up…. Rims were dirty, inside was still not cleaned properly. Water drop stains all over the car…. Should have used the Duckies across the road…. Would not suggest anyone
    By Gurpreet Singh (2 months ago)
    I’ve been coming here for four years now and they always treat me like family. They do a great job cleaning the inside of the car, I used to do it myself but I just got tired of it. The monthly plan are a great deal. If you find any issue with the car service, they will definitely work on it immediately to fix it. Jose the on-site manager is pretty nice and on top of things. No company is perfect of course but they definitely do a great job!!
    ✭✭✭✭✭ By J CC (a year ago)
    Car wash was ok however they only get 1 star because on a cold winter day they don’t turn on the heat inside, it is so cold inside that the poor cashier has to wear a heavy jacket because the thermostat is kept locked.
    By Alberto Gomez (3 months ago)
    I pay for the membership every month and honestly, if I can, I go once every two months for my time and my car doesn’t stay dirty all the time. I bring it to clean it in my spare time and when I take it to wye they wash it, I hope they give me good service. The car is new and all the time they only clean it on the outside when they dry it, all the water drips on the inside. The carpets don’t clean them, well, they don’t vacuum them well, but the cars are luxurious, they even take out the carpets and lumo them outside, I think they have to exforsarce with all cars the same whether old new or luxury
    ✭✭ By pepe zelada (2 months ago)
    Best Carwash in the Bay Area that always does good business with the best monthly low prices . For VIP for $60 a month to keep your vehicle of any kind looking it’s best always .
    ✭✭✭✭✭ By Carlton Dunn (2 months ago)

Gold Coin Car Wash

  • Address: 2191 Monument Blvd, Concord, CA 94520, United States
  • Map: Click here
  • Rating: 3.9 (237)
  • Phone: +1 925-552-0544
  • Website: Link
  • Opening hours:
    Monday: Open 24 hours
    Tuesday: Open 24 hours
    Wednesday: Open 24 hours
    Thursday: Open 24 hours
    Friday: Open 24 hours
    Saturday: Open 24 hours
    Sunday: Open 24 hours
  • Reviews:
    Customer service that will exceeds all expectations! I recently had an experience with one of the coin machines not putting out wet wipes and left a voicemail to let them know it was not working. Having only lost $1, I was not looking for a refund…but boy was I surprised to receive a hand-written letter from Joni apologizing for the inconvenience, explaining what may have happened with the machine, and offering $2 refund because I did not mention how much money I had lost. They will always have my business when in Contra Costa County!
    ✭✭✭✭✭ By Keenan Benjamin (4 months ago)
    BRING CASH! If you don’t, there is a gas station across the street with an ATM. I went on a Saturday morning and it was pretty busy. Pretty self-explanatory to use. The coins on the side of the building facing Monument.

    I rented a car on Turo and had to clean it before returning it and this place was fantastic. Spent about 15 dollars on tokens (you have to convert your cash to Gold Coin tokens to use in any of the machines). Only giving it 4 stars instead of 5 is because now I have extra Gold Coin tokens that I can’t use anywhere else.

    Quick and easy. They had cleaning supplies for purchase if you didn’t bring anything (stuff like armorall wipes.)

    ✭✭✭✭ By Lucas Carroll (a month ago)
    I haven’t had great experiences with Gold Coin Car Wash in the past. Soap amount seemed low, water pressure wasn’t great, and the coin system is a PITA. Today my stall didn’t have any soap in the wash system at 8am on a Sunday, which I found out after I already exchanged cash for the gold coins. Terrible experience, highly recommend going somewhere else.
    By Jordan Cetrone (12 months ago)
    Would be nice to have 🏧 on a side or pay for car wash with CC.
    ✭✭✭✭✭ By Zurab Lobzhanidze (3 months ago)
    I went on a Saturday around 1:30 PM and it was fairly packed. I waited about 10 minutes for a slot to open up which isn’t too bad.

    This coin car was requires a minimum of $2 to start. You have to purchase their ‘gold coins’ for it to work. When I came by there was an attendant which would help make change or give you coins if the machine isn’t working.

    I used the sprayer mostly on two settings: water and soap then water and wax. It got the job done but the wax was nonexistsent. My car had water marks all over it especially on the glass and hood. I wouldn’t recommend this one just because it was busy and the soap wasn’t great. But it got the job done.

    ✭✭✭ By Seth Rojello (2 years ago)

Kwik-N-Easy Car Wash

  • Address: 1305 Galindo St, Concord, CA 94520, United States
  • Map: Click here
  • Rating: 4.1 (191)

Brothers Detail Center

  • Address: 1840 Monument Blvd, Concord, CA 94520, United States
  • Map: Click here
  • Rating: 3.2 (146)

So Kwik Car Wash

  • Address: 1551 Matheson Rd, Concord, CA 94521, United States
  • Map: Click here
  • Rating: 4.2 (112)

Detail Garage – Auto Detailing Supplies

  • Address: 1853-6A, 1853 Monument Blvd, Concord, CA 94520, United States
  • Map: Click here
  • Rating: 4.9 (111)

Clayton Hand Car Wash

  • Address: 4748 Clayton Rd, Concord, CA 94521, United States
  • Map: Click here
  • Rating: 3.7 (76)

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